Trotta Sponsors Bill to Opt Suffolk County Out of Recreational Marijuana Sales

Trotta Sponsors Bill to Opt Suffolk County Out of Recreational Marijuana Sales

Let’s take a look at what has transpired since the Democrats took control of NY state government just 30 days ago, you the taxpayer, are going to pay for Illegal immigrants to go to college. A stunning development, which will likely never change in our lifetime because the Democrats hold a huge majority in the State Assembly. So, even if we had a Governor and a Senate who wanted to change these laws at some point, the initiative would be blocked. Now let’s talk about marijuana – 

We must ask ourselves why are the Democrats pushing to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana now? Is it because they need the tax revenue to help fund the college tuition of illegal immigrants? Is this why they need to get the marijuana on the streets ASAP? In Colorado, where recreational sale and use of marijuana is legal, there are 392 Starbucks, 208 McDonalds and over 1,100 places to buy marijuana. Is that what we want Suffolk County to look like? While I support the proper sale and use of medical marijuana, and think that the majority of adult recreational marijuana users use marijuana responsibly, facilitating the widespread sale and use of the drug can have far-reaching consequences. It is my job to make sure those who don’t use Marijuana responsibly and those who have psychological problems that are triggered by marihuana use do not harm the public. For instance, in Colorado, emergency department visits related to marijuana have increased 35% since the legalization of recreational marijuana, crime increased 11%, marijuana related traffic deaths increased 66% and youth marijuana use (despite still being illegal) increased 12%, just to name a few. There must be controls in place for this not to occur here in New York.

As a Legislator it is my job to help protect the health, safety and quality of life of Suffolk’s residents. We may only have one chance to get marijuana laws right and we can’t afford to mess this up. I have spoken with numerous medical and drug treatment professionals who all agree that legalizing the sale of recreational marijuana is not something that should be rushed into. It is true that other drugs like alcohol cause the same problems but we simply cannot allow government’s thirst for the tax revenue associated with the sale of recreational marijuana to dictate this process without adequate regard for the lives of those will be impacted. Therefore, I have sponsored a bill to have Suffolk County opt out of the sale of recreational marijuana at this time.

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