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Trotta Sponsors Bill to Opt Suffolk County Out of Recreational Marijuana Sales

Let’s take a look at what has transpired since the Democrats took control of NY state government just 30 days ago, you the taxpayer, are going to pay for Illegal immigrants to go to college. A stunning development, which will likely never change in our lifetime because the Democrats hold a huge majority in the State Assembly. So, even if we had a Governor and a Senate who wanted to change these laws at some point, the initiative would be blocked. Now let’s talk about marijuana – 

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Trotta: Burke Should Repay Settlement

Today, Thursday at 12:30 at the Legislative building in Hauppauge, there will be a vote on whether to file a lawsuit against Burke to get our tax money back from him. Yes, he received a $630k payout upon his retirement and receives an almost $150k pension, all while sitting in Federal prison. If you agree that the taxpayers should get their money back and you have some free time PLEASE come and speak at the meeting. Your tax bill depends on it...If you can't make it please feel free to e-mail your support for the Bill to ::


VIDEO: How Suffolk is Wasting Your Tax Dollars

A short pre-Thanksgiving "Trotta Talks" about your tax dollars being wasted by Steve Bellone and the Suffolk County Democrats. I promise that I'll expose the reasons the county is such a financial mess and explain what we can do to fix it. That’s what your paying me for and that’s what I’m going to do. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!

VIDEO: The Lie That Red Light Cameras Are About Safety

A 3 minute conversation about the LIE that red light cameras are about "safety". Please share...

VIDEO: Suffolk Needs Campaign Finance Reform, Transparent Budget Process

A pre-recorded “Trotta Talks” (only 3 minutes) please watch, your taxes depend on your involvement in the system.

VIDEO: Trotta Exposes $2.9 Million in Bellone Democrats Pay-to-Play Corruption

Watch Rob expose $2.9 million in giveaways of taxpayer dollars for developers in Babylon who donate to Steve Bellone and the County Democrats. Please watch and share, your tax bill depends on it!!!

VIDEO: Democrats Raise Suffolk Taxes 100% The Day After Election Day

It's my job to let you know what's happening. It's your job to vote for people to stop it! PLEASE SHARE !

Democrats raided the clean water fund to pay for their reckless spending, voting for Bellone's $3 billion budget, effectively raising Suffolk County taxes 100% every year for the past three years, through thr implementation of excessive, illegal fees.

I forgot to mention that the Police District tax went up 5% today , taking another $29 Million from the taxpayers. So much for the tax cap, I’ll explain next time…